Welcome Dog Lovers! I’m Here to Help You!

Dogs!  They live side by side with us as companions, as helpers, as members of the family.  But, let’s face it, life with family members isn’t always a bed of roses, is it?  During my forty years of helping families either to raise puppies or to transform behaviorally challenged older dogs into well behaved pets, I’ve listened to the frustration of people who truly love their dogs but feel they have run out of options to fix a troublesome behavior.  Their dilemma is painful and they just don’t know where to turn next. If that sounds like you, I’m here to help!

I love getting calls from folks like you because I know that ninety-nine per cent of the time I can quickly turn things around.  In all the years I’ve been working with private dog training clients, I’ve seen the same problems occur over and over again.  But because people are so emotionally entangled with their pets (a good thing!) they feel their problem is unique and beyond hope!  The reason I love my work so much is that when I help the dog I help the people, and when I help the people I help the dog.  It’s a beautiful thing to see joy replace all that frustration!

But here’s my joy and my frustration:  I love teaching my clients how to understand their dogs better and how to grow a great relationship with them.  But it is also frustrating to know that there are countless other dog owning families out there that are beyond my reach. There are lots of reasons for this.  There aren’t enough hours in the day to reach everyone individually.  Some families just can’t afford to hire a private dog trainer.  Families with dog problems are everywhere in the world.  Sometimes people get bad advice from friends and give up when it fails.

My goal in writing this blog is to reach people who need help with their dogs, no matter how big or how small the problem is.  There is an abundance  of dog training information available, some really good and some pretty terrible.  I can help you tell the difference but I want to do much, much more for you than give training tips. I want to teach you about the inside of your dog’s mind so that you can create a beautiful relationship that brings joy to all of you.

I want to be your Go-To Girl for questions about your dog. I promise to respond quickly and honestly to every question and comment.  If I don’t have the answer, I’ll find it for you. I plan to recommend resources that will be useful to you.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned.  There’s much more to come.

For now, let’s be grateful for all the dogs we’ve loved and who have loved us in return.

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